Follow These Tips & Protect Your Granite Countertops from Damages

Granite Countertops

A kitchen is the heart of the household and countertops play a significant role in any kitchen. From sunup until sundown, they are used for several purposes, therefore you require a countertop that will last for years. When it comes to hard wearing worktops, granite countertops can be a great option.

They are known for durability, being stronger than popular alternatives like marble or limestone, but even granite is not invulnerable. There are several things that can damage granite tops. Check the lines mentioned below to get to know them and keep your granite tops in the best state.


How to keep your granite countertops in the best condition?

Don’t keep raw meets directly on them

Raw meets can affect your granite tops adversely. It is true the fluid and residue coming out from the meets will not damage the countertop instantly, but it can leave a bad impact on the long run. 

Still, if you find it tough to cast off this habit, make sure you have disinfected the tops with the powerful disinfectants. But remember, they can change the colour of the countertops and even can wear down the sealant that keeps the countertops hygienic and non-porous.

Don’t throw acidic liquids

You may have seen an image of red wine spilling onto a beautiful white rug. It is sufficient to warn you about the dangers of it. Do you know red wine is equally harmful to your granite countertops? Believe it or not, it is true. Well, it is not the red colour that damages the tops, but it is the acidic nature of wine. All acidic foods and drinks, whether be it vinegar, citrus juice, or anything else, are bad for granite tops. They interact with the surface adversely and can damage your favourite countertop.

 Never consider your granite countertop as a cutting board

Granite is strong enough to endure the weight of cutting boards and other appliances, but this countertop is prone to damage from knives and other sharp things. Hence, consider this as a top, not as a useful cutting board. This carelessness can result in several issues like dings, scratches, chips and so on. It is a natural stone, not an engineered surface, lessening the chances of dislodging and relocation. Hence, be careful, and try to use it properly instead of using it as a cutting board.

 Hence from now, try to utilise your countertops wisely and properly. If you think of installing amazing granite countertops for your kitchen, feel free to contact this reliable natural stone supplier now.

granite slab

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