13C Yeast Extract for Research Uses: Important Things You Need to Know

Metabolic profiling tools play a very crucial role in metabolomics research. These tools assure accuracy and acceleration to the clinically relevant studies. So, if you are looking to identify and quantitate yeast metabolites, you should always use these modern and advanced tools.

In this article, we will talk about IROA® 100-50 Quantitation kit developed by IROA Technologies LLC. This kit offers 13C yeast extract metabolite standard for the best results. Consider going the following portion of this article properly to know more in this regard.

About The IROA® 100-50 Quantitation Kit

IROA® 100-50 Quantitation Kit is ideal for MS-based quantitive or profiling studies. If it is combined with sample preparation and mass spectrometry (MS), it provides all of the reagents needed for labeling, quantitating and identifying biochemical compounds found in many yeast and fungal cell populations successfully. The kit is supplied with YNB media and energy sources. This kit is capable of quantitating metabolic differences between a control group and an experimental group. Usually, the experimental group is treated with a stimulus or stressor. Otherwise, it is genetically modified. Thus, if you were looking for 13C yeast extract to quantitate metabolic differences between these two groups of cell populations, you can consider using this kit.

Yeast Nitrogen Base (YNB)

As mentioned earlier, The IROA® 100-50 Quantitation kit is supplied Yeast Nitrogen Base or YNB media. It is actually a well-defined media that contains salts, vitamins, and a nitrogen source. The nitrogen source helps grow the selected strains of yeast with the addition of isotopically-labeled glucose, carbon energy source. To know about the components of the kit, read the following section.

13C Yeast Extract for Research Uses

Learn about the Kit Components

The kit has IROA® 12C Biochemical Labeling mix. It is a 50 ml solution (YNB) that contains 1.0 g of 5% 13C labeled glucose. The kit also has IROA® 13C Biochemical Labeling mix. This 50 ml YNB contains 1.0 g of 95% 13C labeled glucose. You will also get a targeted and non-targeted mass spectrometry computational analysis tool, called IROA ClusterFinder™ Software. It helps to process isotopically enriched metabolomics data. The product user manual is another component of this kit. You will find detailed information about experimental steps, troubleshooting guide, and other things in this product manual. Nevertheless, the most important thing you need to remember here is that the media should be stored at +4° C. You can store other components at room temperature.

About IROA Technologies LLC

IROA Technologies LLC is a well-known metabolomics company. They have introduced IROA® 100-50 Quantitation kit to make the research work easier for researchers. It offers advanced 13C yeast extract metabolite standard. The IROA TruQuant IQQ workflow offers a software solution (IROA-LTRS) that contains over 500 compounds. It is based on 95% and 5% C13. You will find more information on their website. Log on to iroatech.com to visit their website now. Feel free to contact them directly to get your queries answered. Also, browse through other articles, blogs, and reliable resources on the internet to know more. 

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